Openness is the condition and the boast of every city: openness to new people, to new ideas, to new experiences. Few cities are as “open” as New York: open to diversity, to change, open to contamination. Our goal at OpenCity is to provide you with the most interesting tours around, showing the most exciting side of the city while talking about its art, history, culture, architecture, food and much more.

At OpenCity we craft personal, customizable tours of New York City’s finest architecture, museums, galleries, parks and gardens and food itineraries for visitors of all ages. Whether you are new in town or are a New York native we will create the right experience for you.

Francesco Accardo,

founder of OpenCity

Why you should take a private tour with OpenCity

1. Your Own Itinerary

With a private tour you can choose exactly the tour you want and how you want it! That means a tour that you can really look forward to and look back upon as time and money well spent.

2. Your Own Pace

On a private tour you can go at your own pace. The time is your own and your guide is there to respond to your requests and adapt to your interests and needs.

3. Discover More of What You Want

If you want a different experience, you are interested in a specific neighborhood or an ethnic minority life, and so on. To fully realize your NYC wish list tailor-make a private tour.

4. Personalized Service

Whatever you’re looking for, you are bound to come up short with a group tour, and should turn to an expert in private tours like OpenCity Tours for real personalized service in NYC.

5. Flexibility

On a private tour with a flexible and experienced local guide, you can adjust your schedule to suit your circumstances and needs, so you make the best of your time and enjoy your NYC experience more.

6. No Herding

You choose who is in your group, family, friends, business associates. You choose where to go. You won’t be taken to places you don’t want to see or are not interesting just because ‘it’s part of the tour”.

7. No Time Wasting on Third-Rate Scheduled “Attractions”

With a private tour, none of your precious time is wasted. Just see NYC's highlights, not the "lowlights".

8. Authentic Ethnic Food and/or Special Dietary Requirements

Instead of the samey offerings of “tourist restaurants”, for service choices that cater to your particular allergies and tastes a private tour is a better choice. Take one of our food tours!

9. Best Value

While the price of a group tour is cheaper than a private one at face value, it is clear that you only get what you pay for — and sometimes you don’t even seem to get that!

10. Treated as a King!

You may not be famous, but you can still be treated as very important. If you are looking for distinguished service all the more reason to take a private tour.